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If you have enough money for a coffee & bagel, you have enough money to make a difference in a young boy or girls life. Skip your morning coffee and impact a child's life forever.

Bikes 4 Kids Project

   In today’s mobile electronics world, our GOAL and MISSION is to get kids back outside "being kids."


   Remember when you were little and you played at the park, RODE YOUR BIKE, and had just a little bit of freedom. Bikes 4 Kids Project wants to bring that experiences back to our youth, letting kids be kids playing outside and getting exercise. Our goal is to get as many kids as possible out on bikes playing & riding around with the wind blowing in their hair and giant smiles on their faces.


   Every kid should experience the joy of riding a bike with their buddies, but we know that the kids from lower income families often don't get a bike for one reason or another, and they are the ones that need our help most. We know these kids have other struggles as well, so we work with the schools to find the Kids that are working hard in class, showing up every day, and are contributing with a positive attitude. Those are the type of kids we want to reward with the experience of having their own bike. This is not just about donating bikes to kids from low-income families, there are dozens of programs that do that. Bikes 4 Kids Charity is about rewarding the standouts. The kids that are working hard and turning their grades and lives around regardless of their families financial situation. This is about inspiring other kids to work hard knowing they to will be rewarded for their hard work. it might not be a bike, but they will be rewarded and benefit from their efforts.


Andrew & Maribel Gavin

Make a Difference and help us raise money to help kids experience "being a kid." Donate your time and help us organize events, fundraise, and collaborate with local businesses that want to help us reach our goal to help 100 (or more) kids every year.​​​

Impact the lives of young boys & girls from lower income families. Impact the kids in the community that are working hard, showing up, and contributing even though they might not have all the advantages of their classmates.​​​

Join the mission to get underprivileged kids with good grades, good attendance, and that are good citizens, outside getting exercise and having fun on new bicycles.





Help us reach our 2017 goal to award 200 bikes to hard working standout kids.   DONATE NOW 

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