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   In the spring of 2015, Maribel and I were out on our tandem riding up the coast highway. We were passing a stretch of beach and  Maribel spots an older couple walking on the sand picking up trash. Maribel says to me "how cute, that's what we can do when we're retired." In that split second moment, I knew I needed to create something that could keep us busy. 3 days later Bikes 4 kids Charity was born. Don't get me wrong, cleaning up our beaches is a great way to help and give back to the community, but it's not something I had any passion for. I'm not a beach guy, I'm a cyclist. I love to ride and I developed that passion when I was a young boy growing up. Riding bikes was just what we did

   In 2015 we were in uncharted territory. I had never tried to do any major fundraising. Maribel was super busy at work, but We had to get this thing rolling and see if it had legs. We kind of figured things out as we went along. There was nothing to reference so we pretty much had a party and asked for donations instead of gifts. Year one was truly incredible. So many people came out of the woodwork to support this project. We had supporters from all over the US from my Facebook effort and Ryan's ask that went out to thousands of people. Our friends & family are really the ones that made 2015 a success...


    Tale of the tape


$4270.00 Raised

132 Donations

97 Guests

10 Schools

66 Bikes award


Can I tell you, When it comes to fundraising a year flies by FAST. I could not believe we were planning the party already. I was so freakin nervous about failing. For me, Failing meant we did not surpass last years numbers. Now there was something to compare against, and Man was that hard on me. From all the comments and questions about the whole project, I knew our friends and family were onboard, and would come out to help again. I didn't really have any pressure except what I put on myself. There weren't any kids waiting for bikes, and there wasn't another charity project that we were up against but I was in my head about this. I can't tell you how many crazy ideas I had for the party that Maribel shot down, and she was probably right most of the time. There was (in my opinion) a road block to success, and it was the party. The party had to be fun, or no one would come. No one would talk about it afterward, and no one would want to bring more of their friend's to next year's party. The party was a huge success and the guests and supporters killed their 2015 numbers. We had enough money to add 3 more schools, 18 more bikes and we are planning to have a bike rodeo in the spring just as the weather warms up.


    Tale of the tape



$13570.00 Raised

182 Donations

131 Guests

13 Schools

142 Bikes award



Because I didn't want to pick up trash.

So it begins.

Could we beat last year's numbers?


Do we shoot for more schools? Will we ba able to add a second delivery to all the National City schools? Can we raise $20,000.00 and Award 200 bikes to hard working kids? Will you help???



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