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If you want to get involved, there are a few options. 1. You could help by contacting businesses to talk about sponsorship. 2. You can help out at one of the Bike Rodeos. You can help us award bikes at one of the schools. 4. You can help us prepare and set up for the big event. 

This is a great first step to join us on our mission to fight childhood obesity. Making a donation of any amount gets us closer to the goal. A donation of $75 ensures one child will get a complete kit.             (Bike - Helmet - Lock)

The first year we did this, we had no idea what the bikes were going to cost. Turned out they cost about $68 for a bike and helmet. In 2016 we added a bike lock after one of the people that donated shared a story about his bike getting stolen. For 2016 the package price was about $71 after a nice discount from Walmart on all the bikes. for 2017 we expect the cost per child to be about $76 - $78. We had lots of people sponsor 1, 2, or 3 kids bikes. So you can easily sponsor a child at $70, $140, $210, or any other amount. No donation is too small, every dollar gets us that much closer to our goal.


Are you the type of business owner that knows how important it is to give back to the community you live and run your business in? Would you like to maximize your efforts with the ability to share your philanthropy efforts with your business associates and your friends & family?The kids need your help and we want to raise as much money as possible. By becoming a corporate sponsor your company will be shared with dozens of other business owners and hundreds of Bikes 4 kids supporters.  You'll be a VIP guest at our annual event, as well as be offered the opportunity to help deliver some of the bikes to kids in their classroom. You can get started with a small company donation of $750 will allow us to award 10 kids new bikes. For larger amounts please contact Andrew at: 619-784-1241.


Yes that's right, you can be the sponsor for a whole school. You would take the lead roll for this school in all advertising, and you would be able to attend and help deliver bikes to the kids at the school you want to support. If you have a child at one of the school, then this is a great way to show your support, by bringing teh Bikes 4 Kids project to that school. Each schol receives 12 bikes, so to sponsor a school we would want a minimum of $750 to be a school sponsor.

Help us reach our 2017 goal to award 200 bikes to hard working standout kids.   DONATE NOW 

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