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   In the spring of 2015, Maribel and I were out on our tandem riding up the coast highway. We were passing a stretch of beach and  Maribel spots an older couple walking on the sand picking up trash. Maribel says to me "how cute, that's what we can do when we're retired." In that split second moment, I knew I needed to create something that could keep us busy. 3 days later Bikes 4 kids Charity was born. Don't get me wrong, cleaning up our beaches is a great way to help and give back to the community, but it's not something I had any passion for. I'm not a beach guy, I'm a cyclist. I love to ride and I developed that passion when I was a young boy growing up. Riding bikes was just what we did

   Maribel and I met like 7 or 8 years ago. I was working in the cycling industry traveling the country and Maribel was assistant principal at Otay Ranch High School. She quickly fell in love with me, (maybe that's the other way around) we got engaged and moved in together. Maribel didn't even have a bike and didn't really seem interested in cycling. A few months later we ended up getting a tandem that we rode maybe once a month during that first year. After we rode this long 100 mile ride out in Palm Springs, Maribel got hooked. We started riding all the time. Maribel was excited and motivated so we rode, and she has become a pretty strong cyclist. So for us, the Bikes 4 Kids Charity made sense. To our friends, we are cyclists and love bikes. So raising money to get kids on bikes makes sense too. 

   I had no idea if this would work, I didn't even know if anyone would help us. I had been listening to lots of podcasts while working with my marketing coach. I listened to this story about a guy who asked his friends for a donation to his new project, instead of buying him gifts for his birthday. That decision to give up receiving who knows what from his friends & family turned into something incredible. Today more than 300 schools have been built in 3rd world countries because of that one decision. Well, Maribel's birthday was coming up and we would usually have this elaborate party inviting lots of friends we only see once or twice a year. Maribel said, "sure let's give it a shot, I don't need any more bottles of wine." We didn't know what would happen but we were going to find out.

Help us reach our 2017 goal to award 200 bikes to hard working standout kids.   DONATE NOW 


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