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I love my daughter so much, I want the best for her and I try to give her the things she needs as well things she can enjoy, After all, you're only a kid once. These kids that we are helping have so much less than you or I did when we were kids. Many of these kids have never owned their own bike. Their families work hard to pay the monthly bills and buying their child a bike while important, isn't high enough on the list. You might not think a bike can change a kids life, but maybe it could. What if one of the kids that are awarded a bike uses it to get to school on time, allowing him to get better grades, and that sets him up to receive a scholarship to go to college. What if one of these kids uses their bike to ride to baseball or basketball practice, and is able to stay late to work extra hard to the point that he is getting noticed by talent scouts. One day he could end up getting drafted to a pro team or at least a full ride at a university, all because he had a bike to ride home from practice. I believe with just a little help and a push in the right direction these kids could do so much more to improve their own lives and others around them. sometimes just knowing someone cares about you is enough to ignite a flame inside you. I think a bike could be that flame and symbol that shows these struggling but hard working kids that they are being noticed and people around them care... 

   You've probably seen lots of starving kids on TV, & you've heard about kids being abused, or neglected probably more times than you’ve probably wanted. What about a kid who is just bored, left behind with no way to entertain him/herself? What do you think happens to those kids? Theses are the kids that often end up on TV. This group of kids are the ones that you see getting caught vandalizing homes or buildings. they could end up in gangs or even worse, sick with diabetes due to not getting enough exercise. Maribel sees bits and pieces of these kids struggle every day as she walks the halls of her high school. She knows some of their stories, and they have every reason to give up, call it quits, but they don't. These are strong resilient kids trying hard to make it even though they don't have the means many of their classmates do.  What if there was a way you could help change that scenario for a young boy or girl? Would you want someone to help your child in that situation? Would you accept a donation, a helping hand from people you don’t know, and might never meet from your community or even from across the country through the help of the internet? 

There was a study done by Dr Robert Cialdini that proved most people don't donate because they feel their small contribution won't make much of a difference. I want to tell you "every dollar helps" get us (and every other charity) to their goal. If you feel good about donating $500 or $1000 dollars, then do it. If you only have $10 or $25 dollars to give, you are still making a difference and helping to reach whatever goal has been set. If we don't stop and help, who will???


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